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Westgate Primary School

We Teach, We Learn, We Care


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Parent and Pupil Testimonials

Testimonials from Parents and Children at Westgate Primary School (2020-21)



Thank you to all.

I am very happy with the school and my children’s progression.

A great school.



Excellent leadership and very approachable staff. The headteacher, Mr. Watson, is completely outstanding in every way. He’s kind, compassionate, dedicated and always goes above and beyond for the children (and parents).

Mr. Watson is an exemplary head, very approachable, friendly and concerned with the children.

Mr. Watson has been absolutely wonderful. He is approachable and is very understanding and is conscious of safeguarding the children. The school has supported my child through a very tough situation.

Mr. Watson is fantastic.

Headteacher is an absolute example to all. He is approachable and the children and parents all regard him with the highest of respect.

Headteacher adopts a professional yet friendly approach

We love Westgate Primary School because it is a family orientated school, with an outstanding headteacher who looks after the kids, school and families. 

Mr. Watson is extremely approachable and friendly.

It is really lovely to see Mr. Watson out in the playground and at the school gate interacting with parents on an almost daily basis.

I find Mr. Watson extremely easy to talk to and have quick response when contacting him.

Very approachable headteacher who is responsive to all concerns – nothing is too much trouble – Thank you.

School has been led very well during unprecedented times and my child has been kept safe and well.

Great to see the headteacher greeting children at the gate each day.

It’s a fantastic school and since Mr. Watson took over as head teacher there have been such positive improvements. He’s done the school proud. 


COVID Response

My child loves attending school every day and the staff have managed amazingly in such a difficult period.

Throughout COVID – Westgate has given nothing but offer positivity and have made me know they have done the absolute best to keep my children safe. 

The staggered drop-off and pick up system works well and is an improvement from the previous (normal) system which involved extended periods of waiting and queueing. Current system also minimises congestion around and within the school.

I feel that the staff have coped very well during these very difficult times.

Good handling during a pandemic.

Dedication of teachers to online schooling.


Atmosphere / Nurture / Ethos

The school always has a lovely friendly atmosphere.

***** loves going to school and is very happy there.

The school is small and every teacher knows every child. This is a big positive in my view.

Very lovely school. Friendly atmosphere always.

The school is a really safe environment.

The school’s small size allows for focus to remain on the kids and their education as the priority.

The school has provided a friendly, positive and safe environment for my daughter to flourish in.

The warm welcome in the morning. The small village school feel.

Friendly community – caring and supportive. Being a small school, it is easy to feel included and my child not only enjoys her school life but continues to thrive.

The family atmosphere, where every child matters.


Friendliness of the school is helping kids and parents. I feel that everyone is feeling very welcomed and valued.

The school has a warm and welcoming feel. Small and friendly atmosphere.

The school is supportive of the children and has a close and welcoming atmosphere.

The school feels more personal and family orientated than most.

Westgate is very inclusive and nurturing of SEND children.

The nurturing and caring nature of the school.

My child when asked said that they really enjoy the lunch and really like the teachers.

The school ethos is that we are all in the “Westgate family.”

It is so welcoming, child focussed and all the staff genuinely care. In fact, they go above and beyond for the students and wider community.



From top to bottom the staff is simply amazing. Everyone is always helpful and willing to solve any issues.

Staff are visible and approachable with any concerns I may have.

Staff are really friendly.

Feels like the school staff care about the children.

My child loves how kind and caring the staff are. They have been great with listening to our concerns and helping in any way they can in school with our child. We love the raffles etc that school runs.

I absolutely love how all the staff that have been involved with my child have treated him with respect and understood him as a person. The progress that he’s made after moving here in Year 1 has been amazing.

The staff are wonderful, caring and kind. Good job!

Teachers and majority of staff adopt a professional yet friendly approach.

The teachers are excellent at looking out for the kids.

The teachers are good.

Teachers’ patience. My daughter says that if she doesn’t understand something the teachers are always happy to help and explain to her all that she is struggling with. It’s happy to hear that teachers are always kind and understanding for her. Really appreciate it.

Staff are friendly, approachable and present.

The teachers clearly engage the children very well and keep them interested.

The positive attitude and hard work that the teachers put into every child to learn and do well and the extra care taken to make sure that kids who are not up to power are well looked after and extra care is given to them.

My child likes the fact that there is always help available when he needs it.

I like that all the members of staff are welcoming and approachable. I especially like the new welcome at the school gate in the morning. There’s always a smile.

The teachers always have the children’s best interest at heart.

Staff are approachable, caring and strive to maintain the highest possible standards of teaching.

Very, lovely patient, understanding teachers who make kids LOVE TO GO TO SCHOOL AND LEARN.

My child likes his teachers and his lessons.

The staff are lovely and approachable. Any issues are dealt with swiftly and fairly.

Concerns and issues are acknowledged and dealt with very fast.

The staff I have encountered have always helped me with any issues or concerns I may have.

I like that the teachers are available if I have any concerns.

The staff have built strong relationships with my daughter, with the open-door policy, with any concerns dealt with in a timely manner and a supportive and sympathetic manner with the best solution for her being the priority. 

Problems, issues and worries are being solved very quickly.

We are really happy with the progress ***** has made this year. Miss Marchant has been very positive and nurturing and he has loved going to school.

Mr. Townrow is an amazing teacher and so passionate about his pupils.

Mrs. Lingard has really pushed ****** to improve his writing this year. We are very grateful for her perseverance with him as it’s not something that he enjoys but he does have the capabilities. Thank you for your hard work.

I would like to thank all staff for their hard work but especially Mrs. Tyrell who we will sad to see leave. She has been both a positive and reassuring member of staff.

I find Mrs. Lingard extremely easy to talk to and have quick response when contacting her.



Good communication.

The newsletter and participation from all.

Excellent communication with teachers and headteacher – face to face or by email.

I love the newsletters and content. They are well-written, well laid out, informative (they tell us of all upcoming events etc and includes information on help for families, road safety advice etc. 


PE/Forest School/Music

PE and Forest School are something the kids look forward to every week. Simon is great.

Inclusion of music lessons (violin) is a very important addition to activities. 

Excellent sports and music activities.

My children get so much from Forest School.

Extracurricular activities like forest school, visits and all related to sports (especially Simon).



Like coming into school in PE kit.

Drop off at the gate works well.


Wider community

The school has good ties and connections with local community bodies and businesses.



Testimonials from Parents and Children at Westgate Primary School (2019-20)


Please see the quotes below to see what our current parents and children say about us. 


“My son says the school is perfect”


“My child is happy to go to school; he tells me Westgate is the best school ever”


“School feels like a family, so friendly”


“Westgate is a welcoming school”


“I like that the children all know one another through assembly / playtime etc and not just their own year group”


“It’s a real team spirit and team effort throughout”


“School atmosphere has shifted positively”


“A lovely small school with a caring, family atmosphere”


“The ethos of the school is very good – the Head and teachers know all the children’s names”


“Respect for each other, tolerance and discipline is also practised”


“There is an element of personal connection with each and every student of the school. Not only with helps with confidence, this also enables 1-on-1 attention and that care is a key element for the overall excellence of kids. Much appreciated!”


“There is a positive sense of togetherness between the staff and pupils within Westgate”


“Westgate has a lovely nurturing vibe, we are going to soak this up for our last 2 years here!”


“We like the friendly atmosphere”


“We love that the school has a ‘village school’ feel to it”


“The school for me is the best for my son”


“The school is looking good, the corridor displays are co colourful and informative”


“I like that the teachers/head teacher gets to know and take interest in all children so there is a community feel of values, respect and caring modelled to the children”


“New head teacher is fantastic. There have been so may positive changes!“


“I like that the head teacher gets to know and takes interest in all children”


“The head teacher, Mr. Watson, is outstanding. Always makes time for you to discuss concerns”


“New headmaster has moved the school. Approachable, interested and making positive changes”


“Mr. Watson seems very involved with the school and communication has improved.”


“To Mr. Watson who we consider as a superman of the school, he does an excellent job for everyone”


“We like that the teachers are friendly and approachable and that they are in the playground before and after school if we need to speak to them”


“My son loves his teacher – Mr. Townrow”


“Year 3 teacher Mr. Townrow has been brilliant with children”


“Staff are approachable”


“My son has made a lot of progress since he has joined Westgate School. His writing, reading and word formation have improved a lot. Really thankful to the teachers who have devoted their time in helping kids to learn everything”


“Teachers and children are friendly and approachable and respond professionally to any concerns raised”


“PE, Forest School, history, maths, art, school friends and football matches”


“Use of teaching assistants means excellent staff to pupil ratio”


“We are very happy with the level of progress of my son and we love this school. We are very grateful for everything that the teachers, school and Head does for our child. Marvellous parents’ evening for informing how to improve for the best of our son”


“The lunch time ladies are really kind”


“Friendly staff including the office ladies who went out of their way to help my son who had a few health anxieties. He felt very at ease going to them if he needed”


“We feel that the school and staff are working so well together and students feel the benefit”


“We want to thank the school for the hard work keeping our children safe and teaching them well. We have seen a dramatic change in our son for the better recently. This comes with his own merits but a big compliment towards Mr. Clewes and the school for making this possible. We are very pleased that everything in school is excellent. A lovely school and amazing staff, especially Mrs. Bloomfield and Mr, Allen who have been very supportive since the first day of school in this school. Thank you so much to all of you”


“The SENDCo (Ruth Quainton-Stubbs) is outstanding. Always makes time for you to discuss concerns”


“Both our children have different interventions, something not all local school provide”


“My child is in a happy class”


“Very pleased with behaviour policy”


“The behaviour policy has had a positive impact and hopefully that will continue”


“The kids are so well behaved and organised”


“We are very pleased with the support of the school concerning good behaviour and conduct”


“Football matches against other schools has been a great idea!”


“School trips are well organised”


“Newsletter is a lot more interesting”


“Excellent communication and care”