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Year 5 Writing Examples

In this page, you will find some examples of what is expected of Year 5 writers who are meeting all the age-related requirements. SCROLL DOWN to find out what to expect from your children and some of the reasons why this is expected at Year 5. All the examples below are from "extended writing" sessions, which are generally over two lessons and are completed independently having spent previous lessons building up and practising writing skills.


Why is this writing at the age-related expectation (ARE) for the end of Year 5?

  • The writing style fits in with the purpose of the text well so that a newspaper report, a set of instructions and a narrative are clearly different.


  • Ideas are organised logically and joined together with linking phrases (e.g. then, after, later).


  • There are a range of multi-clause sentences, which is why children learn grammatical terms, such as subordinate clauses, fronted adverbials and relative clauses.


  • Clear, joined and legible handwriting.


  • Spelling of most words is correct and a large amount of complex words are spelled correctly or logically. Children should be attempting longer, more challenging vocabulary.


  • Punctuation is mostly accurate, especially all capital letters, full stops and questions marks. Commas should be mostly correct as should apostrophes (e.g. don’t and children’s).


  • A range of different sentence starters.


  • Organisational techniques, like subheadings, for non-fiction pieces should be used.