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Westgate Primary School

We Teach, We Learn, We Care


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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Hi everyone!


We are looking forward to seeing Year 6 back in school again from 8th March. Make sure that you are well rested before you return and ready to work. It has been a strange time and we have worked differently over the last 8 school weeks than we ever have before but hopefully now will see a return to normality.


Some notes:


- Homework will still go on to Teams as it did in the Autumn term.

- P.E. will be on Wednesdays, just like before, so make sure that you are in your P.E. kits on those days.

- Home time will be different for some of you. If you have a sibling whose year group finishes after Year 6 (3pm), then you will need to stay until that time in your own classroom so they do not lose any learning time. For example, if you have a sibling in Year 3 then you will have to stay until 3:15pm, which is their finishing time.

Self-isolation sheets will still be produced so if you are at home you can still complete work. However, work will not be put on Teams as it has done in January and February, except for normal English and Maths homework.

- The school day for Year 6 is the same as it was before Christmas so everything will seem familiar.

- Time tables tests will be every Tuesday, as before, so make sure you are practising.

- Spelling tests will be every Friday, as before, so make sure you are practising for those too.


Remember that everyone's experience of this lockdown will have been different from everybody else's so it is important that we are kind, understanding, helpful and polite to others.


See you on Monday 8th March!


Mr Clewes

Home Learning

Home Learning should be accessed via TEAMS using the link below.  Information about home learning activities will only be available on the school website until 15th January.  At this point we will be setting and responding to all home learning via TEAMS.  Please contact your class teacher by email if you need support to access TEAMS.


UPDATE: Home Learning is now completely on TEAMS. All previous work from the first two weeks of January has now been removed from the website.

Reading books online

School have paid to upgrade our subscription to Oxford Owl which now means you can access 550 ebooks from home.  Go to, click 'log in', click 'students' and use the class login details shown on TEAMS (email your class teacher if you can't access TEAMS).  You can search for books using the age groups.  Happy reading!

Hello Year 6 and parents, 


During Lockdown, I will be putting a weekly timetable onto this page below. This will show the tasks that will be set for the week and when we will be working through them with the children at school. If it is helpful, please feel free to use this as a timetable to help you organise and plan for your learning at home but there is no expectation to do this. We understand this will be a very difficult time at home for families and there will be a need to be flexible with school work. Do your best to do as much of the work as you can and please do not hesitate to get in contact with me if you are having difficulties accessing and completing the work at home. 


Stay safe. 


Mr Clewes

If you are self-isolating, please remember to click on the link for self-isolation activities below. It is important to keep up with work as much as possible.

Meet the team....


Mr Clewes - Class Teacher


I completed my Primary PGCE at Newman University in 2014, worked for a year in Stourbridge and then relocated to Westgate Primary School in 2015. I have taught several different year groups during my time here but I have spent the most time in Year 6. I love how the people at Westgate are so caring and it is a wonderful, supportive team.


In my spare time, I enjoy watching films, enjoying games and playing sports, like badminton. My wife and I also have a cat, which we talk about far too much...


Mrs Arnold - Afternoon/SEN TA


Mrs Bloomfield - Interventions TA


I have been a Teaching Assistant at Westgate for 6 years and in that time, I have worked mostly in Years 5 and 6.  However, I am lucky in that I get to know children from other year groups as I do various afternoon interventions with all year groups.  I love working at Westgate; the staff team is very supportive and the children are always keen to learn.


As a mother of 2 teenagers, I don’t get much spare time, but when I do, I enjoy reading, watching television and chatting to friends.  We love travelling as a family and have been to some interesting places.  Like Mr Clewes, I have a cat and we often trade hilarious cat stories and cute cat pictures.


Mrs Compton - Morning/SEN TA


I have been a teaching assistant at Westgate for just over a year and a half. I’ve worked in both Key stage 1 and 2 with a number of children.


Westgate is a lovely, friendly school to work at with caring staff and great children.


In my spare time I love to do anything crafty including card making and sewing. I am also learning British Sign Language


Miss Milburn - Morning/SEN TA


Mrs Scott - Afternoon/SEN TA

I started helping my friend with the ‘Let’s get Cooking’ club at Westgate when both my children were in the school.  I loved it so much that I signed up for a Teaching Assistant course and had a job placement with Westgate for a year.  After I had completed the course, I was offered a permanent job within Reception.  I stayed together with that class as they progressed through the school and have loved watching them grow and learn, they are now the YEAR 6 class.  

My Children have left Westgate and now go to High School and I now travel to school on my own, which is a big difference. Outside school I like to keep fit and travel with my family, often back home to Scotland where I come from.


Mrs Shelton - Morning/SEN TA

5th-9th October

If your child is having to self-isolate, please find videos and suggested work below to support their learning.



Monday - - Long division

Tuesday - - Long division (continued)

Wednesday - - Long division with related number facts

Thursday -  - Factors

Friday -  - Common factors



Here is a link to Oak Academy:


This will link to a series of 15 videos that will support your child's writing of non-chronological reports. If you are having to self-isolate for the first time this week, please use lessons 1-5 this week. If you are self-isolating for the second week, please use lessons 6-10.



This week we are beginning our new Science topic: Living Things and their Habitats. Last week, we were looking at the the classification systems of Carl Linnaeus. This week, we are studying how to classify animals using classification trees, e.g. Does it have fur? Yes or no; follow the next part of the classification tree.


Please click on the "Living Things and their Habitats" knowledge organiser on the Year 6 class page. Look at the classification tree example. Can you create your own?

28th September - 2nd October
If your child is having to self-isolate, please find tasks below to support their learning and prevent them from missing out.



Monday -  - Divide 4-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers

Tuesday -  - Divide with remainders

Wednesday - - Short division

Thursday -  - Division using factors

Friday - - Long division (part 1)



Here is a link to Oak Academy:


This will link to a series of 15 videos that will support your child's writing of non-chronological reports. If you are having to self-isolate, please use lessons 1-5 this week.



This week we are beginning our new Science topic: Living Things and their Habitats. The focus this week is on Carl Linnaeus, his five kingdoms for living things and the binomial naming system.


Please use this link and click on the "Living Things and their Habitats" knowledge organiser. Read the section about "Classification". See if you can classify three animals of your choosing using the internet.

21st-25th September

If your child is having to self-isolate, please find weekly tasks that can be accessed online so that they do not miss out on a significant amount of learning.



Here are links to videos that support this week's learning in Maths.


Monday -  - 4-digit by 1-digit multiplication using column method.

Tuesday -  - 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication using area models.

Wednesday - - 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication using column method.

Thursday - - 3-digit by 2-digit multiplication using column method.

Friday - - 4-digit by 2-digit multiplication using column method.



Here is a link to Oak Academy:


These are five lessons that focus on grammar.


In addition, this week's spellings can be found in the "Spellings" tab of the Year 6 page.


Broad curriculum

We have been studying the rainforest. This week we are looking at the different plants of the rainforest so you could investigate and draw some of the plants using search engines (e.g. Google).




14th September 2020


Please look to the different icons at the top of the Year 6 page. The "spellings" are updated every week and the "knowledge organisers" are regularly updated for many subjects but, in particular, for Maths.

Welcome Back to School Reconnection Document with Key Information for September

Dear Year 6 of 2020-21,


Welcome to your new class page. I will be posting some optional home learning during the holidays, which you can find on this page.


Best wishes and have a great holiday,


Mr Clewes

Postponement of 11+ testing in Warwickshire

School children planning to sit their 11+ tests for selective schools this September will now have to wait until November 2020. New guidance from the Department for Education (DfE) advised that no selection testing should take place before the end of October/early November this year.


This guidance affects the 11+ testing and the admissions process for the six selective schools in Warwickshire (x 5 grammar schools and x 1 bilateral school, which uses selection testing to allocate a percentage of its Year 7 entry cohort).


Once the revised dates for testing have been confirmed, the local authority – who operate the 11+ testing process on behalf of the selective schools within the county - will send further information to all families who registered their child(ren) as on time candidates for the 2021 entry 11+ selection test.


This information will advise how 11+ testing sessions will be adapted and what kind of protective measures will be put in place, in order to operate in line with health protection measures. Such measures will be in accordance with Government guidelines relating to coronavirus and this new guidance published by the DfE.


It is acknowledged that postponing the 11+ testing sessions will mean that parents will need to make an application for secondary school places before the results of the 11+ test are known. Warwickshire residents are already provided with the opportunity to name up to six schools on their secondary school application. However, for the secondary 2021 entry year only, this will be increased to a maximum of seven preferences per applicant.

Other local authorities may also increase their existing number of preferences to accommodate current circumstances, for this year of entry only. If you are not a Warwickshire resident, please contact your home authority for further information about their process for applying for secondary school places.


It is advised that, when parents complete and submit their child’s secondary school application, they utilise as many of the maximum preferences available to them as possible and include any grammar schools, as well as non-selective schools, that they would like their child to be considered for.


Parents are advised to read through Warwickshire’s 2021 entry admission arrangements, as well as the 2021 entry admission arrangements for any of the secondary schools that they wish to apply for, to understand how these school places will be allocated:


Cllr Colin Hayfield, Warwickshire County Council's Cabinet Member for Education and Learning, said: “Children preparing to take the 11+ tests in Warwickshire can be reassured that these tests will still go ahead this year, but slightly later in November, to meet DfE guidelines.


"We have also increased the number of school preferences for applicants to choose when applying for secondary school places. This will ensure all children in Warwickshire have access to high quality education and can achieve their full potential.”

Summer holiday home learning - week beginning 24th August 2020

Summer holiday home learning - week beginning 17th August 2020

Summer holiday home learning - week beginning 10th August 2020

Summer holiday home learning - week beginning 3rd August 2020

Summer holiday home learning - week beginning 27th July 2020

Summer holiday home learning - week beginning 20th July 2020

The Four Calculation Methods